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Welcome, to the new NmE clan site. hope we have all your needs and wants, and also try out for the clan if your not in it at this moment...*NEW ANNOUNCEMENT* NmE G-Save Package in Progress, many cool things in there, hope you all like it Very Happy! From- NmE-Firetv10,NmE-NubShow-,NmE-Playa10j, & NmE-Licken!


 NmE's Seal Team 6 G-Save Update!!!

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NmE's Seal Team 6 G-Save Update!!! Empty
PostSubject: NmE's Seal Team 6 G-Save Update!!!   NmE's Seal Team 6 G-Save Update!!! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 1:14 pm

This is a Official Update on the First G-Save Package by NmE! This G-Save is made by NmE-Firetv10, NmE-Playaj, and NmE-NubShow-.
I have taken Preview Pictures for the weapons for the G-Save Package.
-The Primary Guns will include, M16, MK.14, M4, M8, & AK-47M.
-The Secondary Guns will include, Mk.23,MK5,F90, 9MM Sub(UZI)
-This G-Save will include a Woodland Camo, Dessert Camo, Water Camo, 7 Snow Camo for the Seal Team 6 Part.
-There is also a Terrorist Outfit as well as a loadout.
-This G-Save will include NmE's No "NmE's"(Enemy's), this is where there is No "NmE's" in any mission what so ever
-There is also Every Gun unlocked, every Attachment bought, All Costumes bought, but you cant use them because you will freeze because they are HACKED costumes.
- There is a CO-OP Loadout as well, this loadout and the No ENEMY's is given Credit to ParaDox_Community, for his retirement Save.
-The CO-Op Loadout will Include, MM1, COMBAT KNIFE, CAMERA SPIKE, F90(Note: when you start out YOU CANNOT USE The Combat Knife or Camera Spike. Also Note: The F90 is Single Shot when you start out and no need to change the burts because it is FULLY AUTOMATIC.
-All These Loadouts Online Will Be Bypasses! Maybe No MM1, Because i cannot do MM1's because someone told me they freeze him.
-The Operaters Menu is also Hacked as well!
-The Preview Pictures will be posted as early as of 8/21/2011, and this Post will Be Edited so check back Sunday 8/21/2011 for the Rough Pictures of the G-Save in development.
-Thoughts of This G-Save by Firetv10
-Costume Credit/Loadout Credit will go to:NmE-Playaj, NmE-NubShow-, & NmE-Firetv10
-This is a G-Save dedicated not only to the Seal-Team 6 who killed Osama Bin Laden, But to the NmE Clan Community & to espcially to SOCOM itself & the Clan Leader of NmE, X-LeGIT-ShOtZ-X.
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NmE's Seal Team 6 G-Save Update!!!
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