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Welcome, to the new NmE clan site. hope we have all your needs and wants, and also try out for the clan if your not in it at this moment...*NEW ANNOUNCEMENT* NmE G-Save Package in Progress, many cool things in there, hope you all like it Very Happy! From- NmE-Firetv10,NmE-NubShow-,NmE-Playa10j, & NmE-Licken!



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NitePR, MKULTRA, CODER PR etc. Empty
PostSubject: NitePR, MKULTRA, CODER PR etc.   NitePR, MKULTRA, CODER PR etc. Icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2011 2:10 pm

#Inf CE
0x017FAFE0 0x05F5E100

#Open CE
0x017FAFE0 0x00000000

#Ignore CE
;CE can go negative
0x000BCCF8 0x10000008

#Auto Win Campaign Game
;Turn On ANytime in campaign you will instantly end game and win
0x0000DDE4 0x03E00008


#!!Character Mods


0x00277868 0x3C074100

#Spider Man
;Credit Atropos
0x001534E0 0x03E00008
0x001534E4 0x00000000

0x00153E48 0x03E00008
0x00153E4C 0x00000000

#Teleport To Crosshairs
;Press Dpad right
0x00061744 0x0A200184
0x00000610 0x3C0808C9
0x00000614 0x8D084490
0x00000618 0x8D090054
0x0000061C 0x8D2A00C4
0x00000620 0x240B0008
0x00000624 0x154B0011
0x0000062C 0x3C0C08C9
0x00000630 0x8D8C05F0
0x00000634 0x1180000D
0x0000063C 0x3C0D08C9
0x00000640 0x8DADDA1C
0x00000644 0x11A00009
0x0000064C 0x8DA9005C
0x00000650 0x8D2A0080
0x00000654 0x8D4E0010
0x00000658 0x8D4F0014
0x0000065C 0x8D580018
0x00000660 0xAD8E0068
0x00000664 0xAD8F006C
0x00000668 0xAD980070
0x0000066C 0x03E00008

#Custom Jump
;press square to jump
0x00000118 0x0A2003C0
0x00000F00 0x3C0808C9
0x00000F04 0x8D0805F0
0x00000F08 0x3C0908F3
0x00000F0C 0x8D2900A0
0x00000F10 0x340A0400
0x00000F14 0x15490006
0x00000F18 0x3C0B3F80
0x00000F1C 0x448B7000
0x00000F20 0xC50F006C
0x00000F24 0x460E7C00
0x00000F28 0x440C8000
0x00000F2C 0xAD0C006C
0x00000F30 0x03E00008

#Inf Plant N Thrown
;Credit Atropos
0x00644534 0x00CD0021

#Major Crackhead
;Very Fast Turns
0x004CE9D0 0x41000000

#Ftb1 Lock-On Style
;only works when standing up
0x00277868 0xC7B76814

#Disable AI Primary Weapon
;Credit Atropos
;AI Wont Shoot You
;Ones on turrets still shoot
0x001CE2EC 0x03E00008
0x001CE2F0 0x00000000

#Stealth Mode
;Invisible to the A.I.
0x00009D78 0x03E00008

#No Fog
0x002434C8 0x3C054000


#!!Health Mods


#Host Inf Health
;Credit WorldKing
;explosives still kill you
0x00000098 0x0A2001C0
0x00000700 0x3C0808C9

#Stop The Violence
0x0014937C 0x03E00008
0x00149380 0x00000000

#Inf Health Offline
;Credit Atropos
;gives team inf health
0x00000098 0x0A2001C0
0x00000700 0x3C0808C9
0x00000704 0x8D0905F0
0x00000708 0x1120000A

#Infinite Health Wraith
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000001F0 0x43020000

#Infinite Health Toro
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000005E0 0x43020000

#Infinite Health Sandman
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000009D0 0x43020000

#Infinite Health Raven
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00000DC0 0x43020000

#Incapacitate Wraith
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000001F0 0x00000000

#Incapacitate Toro
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000005E0 0x00000000

#Incapacitate Sandman
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000009D0 0x00000000

#Incapacitate Raven
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00000DC0 0x00000000


#!!Weapon Mods


#Infinite Ammo
0x0018A5A4 0x00000000

#Pefect Inf Ammo
0x0018AF0C 0x00000000

#MM1 Online
;allows use of MM-1 as a primary gun online
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0049139C
0x00005098 0x00000001

#One Shot Kill
;WorldKing - 13lack_
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0049139C
0x00000084 0x50000000
0x00000224 0x50000000
0x000003A4 0x50000000
0x00000524 0x50000000
0x000006A4 0x50000000
0x00000824 0x50000000
0x000009A4 0x50000000
0x00000B24 0x50000000
0x00000CA4 0x50000000
0x00000E24 0x50000000
0x00000FA4 0x50000000
0x00001124 0x50000000
0x000012A4 0x50000000
0x00001424 0x50000000
0x000015A4 0x50000000
0x00001724 0x50000000
0x000018A4 0x50000000
0x00001A24 0x50000000
0x00001BA4 0x50000000
0x00001D24 0x50000000
0x00001EA4 0x50000000
0x00002024 0x50000000
0x000021A4 0x50000000
0x00002324 0x50000000
0x000024A4 0x50000000
0x00002624 0x50000000
0x000027A4 0x50000000
0x00002924 0x50000000
0x00002AA4 0x50000000
0x00002C24 0x50000000
0x00002DA4 0x50000000
0x00002F24 0x50000000
0x000030A4 0x50000000
0x00003224 0x50000000
0x000033A4 0x50000000
0x00003524 0x50000000
0x000036A4 0x50000000
0x00003824 0x50000000
0x000039A4 0x50000000
0x00003B24 0x50000000
0x00003CA4 0x50000000
0x00003E24 0x50000000
0x00003FA4 0x50000000
0x00004124 0x50000000
0x000042A4 0x50000000
0x00004424 0x50000000
0x000045A4 0x50000000
0x00004724 0x50000000
0x000048A4 0x50000000
0x00004A24 0x50000000
0x00004BA4 0x50000000
0x00005624 0x50000000
0x000057A4 0x50000000
0x00005924 0x50000000
0x00005AA4 0x50000000
0x00005C24 0x50000000
0x00005DA4 0x50000000
0x00005F24 0x50000000
0x000060A4 0x50000000
0x00006224 0x50000000
0x000063A4 0x50000000
0x00006524 0x50000000
0x000066A4 0x50000000
0x00006824 0x50000000
0x000069A4 0x50000000
0x00006B24 0x50000000
0x00006CA4 0x50000000
0x00006E24 0x50000000
0x00006FA4 0x50000000
0x00007124 0x50000000
0x000072A4 0x50000000

#Improved Perfect Shot
0x00189718 0x3C04E000
0x00187808 0x34060001

#Rapid Fire
0x0017EC68 0xAC800014

#No Recoil
0x0018A9AC 0x00000000

#4x Throw Distance
;Throw grenades 4 times further
0x00472728 0x451C0000
0x00472724 0x451C0000

#See No Explosions
0x002F5370 0x00000000

#No FlashBlind
0x004903F0 0x00000000

#Full Scope
0x0016795C 0x00000000

#Bullet Lagger
;Turn on and off
0x00167890 0x00000000

#Explosives Lagger
;Turn on and off
0x0016789C 0x00000000

#Ignore Weapon Locks
;All locked weapons can be used
0x00096CDC 0x00000000
0x000BCC50 0x00000000




#Spoof Rank
0x007191AC 0x0000003C
0x007191BC 0x0000003C


#!!Must Be Host


#Stop The Violence
;Infinite health for all
0x00148A9C 0x46146300

#Force G
;Must be host
0x0071770C 0x00000101
0x00717854 0x00000101
0x0071799C 0x00000101
0x00717AE4 0x00000101
0x00717C2C 0x00000101
0x00717D74 0x00000101
0x00717EBC 0x00000101
0x00718004 0x00000101
0x0071814C 0x00000101
0x00718294 0x00000101
0x007183DC 0x00000101
0x00718524 0x00000101
0x0071866C 0x00000101
0x007187B4 0x00000101
0x007188FC 0x00000101
0x00718A44 0x00000101
0x00718B8C 0x00000101

#Force Gv
;Must be host
0x0071770C 0x00000100
0x00717854 0x00000100
0x0071799C 0x00000100
0x00717AE4 0x00000100
0x00717C2C 0x00000100
0x00717D74 0x00000100
0x00717EBC 0x00000100
0x00718004 0x00000100
0x0071814C 0x00000100
0x00718294 0x00000100
0x007183DC 0x00000100
0x00718524 0x00000100
0x0071866C 0x00000100
0x007187B4 0x00000100
0x007188FC 0x00000100
0x00718A44 0x00000100
0x00718B8C 0x00000100

#Kill Room
;must be host
0x00000098 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x3C0808C9
0x00001004 0x8D0905F0
0x00001008 0x11200011
0x0000100C 0x3CAA0000
0x00001010 0xAD2A01F4
0x00001014 0xAD2A05E4
0x00001018 0xAD2A09D4
0x0000101C 0xAD2A0DC4
0x00001020 0xAD2A11B4
0x00001024 0xAD2A15A4
0x00001028 0xAD2A1994
0x0000102C 0xAD2A1D84
0x00001030 0xAD2A2174
0x00001034 0xAD2A2564
0x00001038 0xAD2A2954
0x0000103C 0xAD2A2D44
0x00001040 0xAD2A3134
0x00001044 0xAD2A3524
0x00001048 0xAD2A3914
0x0000104C 0xAD2A3D04
0x00001050 0x03E00008

;Credits WorldKing For Slots
#Slot 1 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000001F4 0x00000000

#Slot 2 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000005E4 0x00000000

#Slot 3 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000009D4 0x00000000

#Slot 4 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00000DC4 0x00000000

#Slot 5 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000011B4 0x00000000

#Slot 6 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x000015A4 0x00000000

#Slot 7 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00001994 0x00000000

#Slot 8 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00001D84 0x00000000

#Slot 9 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00002174 0x00000000

#Slot 10 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00002564 0x00000000

#Slot 11 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00002954 0x00000000

#Slot 12 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00002D44 0x00000000

#Slot 13 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00003134 0x00000000

#Slot 14 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00003524 0x00000000
#Slot 15 Kill

0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00003914 0x00000000

#Slot 16 Kill
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004905F0
0x00003D04 0x00000000




#Infinite CE Earned
;Your earned CE is maxed out
0x017FAFE4 0x3B9AC9FF

#Earn All Medals
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
;Start up campaign
;Kill one enemy
;Leave the game
;Bronze Star Medal
0x0071E308 0x00000064
;Spec Ops Medal
0x0071E428 0x00000032
;Specialist Medal
0x0071E528 0x00000014
;One Man Down Medal
0x0071E628 0x00000001
;Just Another Day Medal
0x0071E728 0x00000001
;Sightseer Medal
0x0071E858 0x00000008
;Hospital Corpsman Medal
0x0071ED28 0x0A
;Squad Leader Medal
0x0071EE08 0x00000001
;Covert Ops Medal
0x0071EF08 0x00000005
;Team Player Medal
0x0071F058 0x00000001
;Sortie Medal
0x0071F178 0x00000001
;Gallantry Medal
0x0071F278 0x00000032
;Admiral Service Medal
0x0071F378 0x0000000A
;Tour of Duty Medal
0x0071F478 0x00000001
0x0071F508 0x00000001
0x0071F598 0x00000001
0x0071F608 0x00000001
0x0071F678 0x00000001
;Purple Heart Medal
0x0071F768 0x00000032
;Silver Star Medal
0x0071F848 0x000002EE
;Marksman Medal
0x0071F948 0x00000096
;Demolitions Expert Medal
0x0071FA48 0x00000064
;Expeditionary Medal
0x0071FBC8 0x00000008
0x00720048 0x00000008
;Expert Marksman Medal
0x007204B8 0x00000001
;Fireteam Medal
0x00720598 0x00000004
;MVP Medal
0x007206B8 0x00000001
0x00720748 0x00000001
0x007207D8 0x00000001
0x00720848 0x00000001
0x007208B8 0x00000001
;Serviceman Medal
0x007209A8 0x00000001
;Ambassador Medal
0x00720A88 0x00000064
;Military Cross Medal
0x00720B88 0x00000005
;Distinguished Service Medal
0x00720C88 0x00000008
;Gold Star Medal
0x00721158 0x000007D0
;Superior Service Medal
0x00721258 0x00000008
;Meritorious Service Medal
0x00721728 0x00000032
;Legion of Merit Medal
0x00721828 0x0000001D

#Unlock Guns and Characters
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0049139C
0x0000003C 0x00000000
0x0000008C 0x00000000
0x0000016C 0x00000000
0x00000234 0x00000000
0x00000298 0x00000001
0x00000B9C 0x00000000
0x00000E98 0x00000001
0x00001020 0x00000001
0x00001318 0x00000001
0x00001498 0x00000001
0x00001798 0x00000001
0x0000191C 0x00000000
0x00001924 0x00000001
0x00001A9C 0x00000000
0x00001C1C 0x00000000
0x00002218 0x00000001
0x0000269C 0x00000000
0x0000281C 0x00000000
0x00002B18 0x00000001
0x00002C98 0x00000001
0x00002E18 0x00000001
0x0000311C 0x00000000
0x0000329C 0x00000000
0x00003598 0x00000001
0x00003718 0x00000001
0x00003898 0x00000001
0x00003B98 0x00000001
0x0000401C 0x00000001
0x0000431C 0x00000000
0x0000449C 0x00000000
0x0000461C 0x00000000
0x00004798 0x00000001
0x00004C1C 0x00000000
0x00004D9C 0x00000000
0x00005398 0x00000001
0x0000539C 0x00000000
0x00005518 0x00000001
0x0000581C 0x00000000
0x00005C9C 0x00000000
0x00006118 0x00000001
0x00006298 0x00000001
0x0000641C 0x00000000
0x0000659C 0x00000000
0x0000671C 0x00000000
0x00006A1C 0x00000000
0x00006D18 0x00000001
0x0000701C 0x00000000
0x00007318 0x00000001
0x0000BF98 0x00000001
0x00007618 0x00000001
0x0000779C 0x00000000
0x00008398 0x00000001
0x0001604C 0x00000007
0x000160D4 0x00000007
0x0001615C 0x00000007
0x000161E4 0x00000007
0x0001626C 0x00000007
0x000162F4 0x00000007
0x0001637C 0x00000007
0x00016404 0x00000007
0x0001648C 0x00000007
0x00016514 0x00000007
0x0001659C 0x00000007
0x00016624 0x00000007
0x00016F2C 0x00000007
0x00016FB4 0x00000007
0x0001703C 0x00000007
0x000170C4 0x00000007
0x0001714C 0x00000007
0x000171D4 0x00000007
0x0001725C 0x00000007
0x000172E4 0x00000007
0x0001AEEC 0x00000007
0x0001AF74 0x00000007
0x0001AFFC 0x00000007
0x0001B10C 0x00000007

#Perfect Kill Stats
0x007100B4 0x000F423F
0x007100B8 0x000F423F
;Stealth Kills
0x007100BC 0x000F423F
;CQB Kills
0x007100C0 0x000F423F
;Gernade Kills
0x007100C8 0x000F423F
;Explosive Kills
0x007100CC 0x000F423F
;Blind Kills
0x007100D0 0x000F423F
#Perfect Weapon Stats
;Pistol Kills
0x0071011C 0x000F423F
;Assualt Rifle Kills
0x00710130 0x000F423F
;SMG Kills
0x00710144 0x000F423F
;Shotgun Kills
0x00710158 0x000F423F
;Machine Gun Kills
0x0071016C 0x000F423F
;Sniper Rifle Kills
0x00710180 0x000F423F
;Rocket Launcher Kills
0x007101D0 0x000F423F
;Explosive Kills
0x007101F8 0x000F423F
#Perfect Combat Stats
;Credit KamaluNg
;Shots Fired
0x007100E8 0x000F423F
;Shots Hit
0x007100EC 0x000F423F




#Blank Tag Imposter
0x00719040 0x00000000

#Blank Imposter
0x00000060 0x00000000
0x00000064 0x00000000
0x00000068 0x00000000
0x0000006C 0x00000000
0x00000070 0x00000000
0x00000074 0x00000000
0x00000078 0x00000000
0x0000007C 0x00000000
0x00000080 0x00000000
0x00000084 0x00000000
0x00000088 0x00000000
0x0000008C 0x00000000

0x00000060 0x21FF6323
0x00000064 0x6D274920
0x00000068 0xFF632320
0x0000006C 0x23204120
0x00000070 0x202FB563
0x00000074 0x6B636148
0x00000078 0x23207265
0x0000007C 0xFFFFFF63
0x00000080 0x6E614220
0x00000084 0xFF632320
0x00000088 0x654D20FF
0x0000008C 0x00000021

0x00000060 0x21FF6323
0x00000064 0x74696E20
0x00000068 0xFF632365
0x0000006C 0x727020FF
0x00000070 0x20FF6323
0x00000074 0x65646F63
0x00000078 0xB5632373
0x0000007C 0x632E202F
0x00000080 0xFF63236F
0x00000084 0x2E20FFFF
0x00000088 0x00006363
0x0000008C 0x00000000

#3Row Dots Rainbow
0x00000060 0x21FF6323
0x00000064 0x6323B020
0x00000068 0xB020FFFF
0x0000006C 0x20FF6323
0x00000070 0xB56323B0
0x00000074 0x23B0202F
0x00000078 0x2021FF63
0x0000007C 0xFF6323B0
0x00000080 0x23B020FF
0x00000084 0xB020FF63
0x00000088 0x2FB56323
0x0000008C 0x0000B020




#Green Thermal Scope Vision
0x004D009C 0x40800000

#Pink Thermal Vision
0x004D00A0 0x40800000

#Dark Red Thermal Scope Vision
0x004D00A4 0x40800000

#Brighter Thermal Scope Vision
0x004D00A8 0x40000000

#Big Move To Marker
0x004D170C 0x41000000

#Red Move To Marker
0x004D172C 0x41000000

#Party Vision
;Need Night Vision On To See
0x004903F0 0x00000000

#Blurred Vision
0x004903F0 0x26

#Thermal Vision
0x004903F0 0x2826

#Deactivate Night Vision
;If enable nightvision sticks use this
0x00490438 0x00000100

#Enable Nightvision
;Can Turn On Anytime
0x00490438 0x00000101

#Green Marker
0x004D1730 0x40800000

#Blue Marker
0x004D1730 0x45800000

#No Move Marker
0x004D1744 0x00000000

#X shoot and Lockon
0x0049355C 0x00012320

;Cant kill Enemies
0x0018A600 0x00000000

0x0071482C 0x00002710
0x00714830 0x00002710
0x00714834 0x00002710
0x00714838 0x00002710
0x0071483C 0x00002710
0x00714840 0x00002710
0x00714844 0x00002710
0x00714848 0x00002710
0x0071484C 0x00002710
0x00714850 0x00002710
0x00714854 0x00002710
0x00714858 0x00002710
0x0071485C 0x00002710
0x00714860 0x00002710
0x00714864 0x00002710
0x00714868 0x00002710

#Headshot and Hits
0x00715950 0x00000100
0x0071591C 0x00000100
0x00715998 0x00000100
0x007159A0 0x00000100
0x00715CA4 0x00000100
0x00715CAC 0x00000100

#() Talk In Game
;Must Have Chz0 Or You Freeze
0x00494BD8 0x00000008
0x00494BEC 0x00000800

#Fast Long Distance
0x0047333C 0x44AF0000
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